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How much do I charge?

Not all projects are created equal, so send me your nitty gritty details and I’ll be happy to get you a quote! Expect an average of$30.00 an hour, but that just means some projects are as low as $20/hr and some as high as $50/hr. Let’s chat more!

What's in a name?

I go by Aša (pronounced Asha). It’s a long story and a lovely one, but there’s only time to say this: Aša means hope and Aša means truth.

Projects I Avoid

Anything related to: finances, real estate, technology, gaming, entertainment, weight-lifting, and the selling of make-up or jewelry.

Topics I Love

Academia, literary writing, holistic health, relationships, movement arts, education, non-profits, humanitarianism, animal welfare, natural childbirth and natural living, nature in general, outdoor adventure, travel, philosophy, psychology, literature, food, art, sustainability, environmentalism, advocacy, children and families, fairy tales, biographical sketches,

Whitney "Aša" Ricciardi

Whitney "Aša" Ricciardi

Freelance Writer & Editor

Wow, talk about a great copywriter. Aša was energetic, fun, got involved in the project 110%, and was a dream to work with.

Sam Hopkins

Founder, Eco-Sheep

NAILED IT! Very fast, positive and creative!

Andy Renk


A great writer who is capable of writing on a broad variety of subjects in a clear, concise, and engaging manner.

Kristian Weider

Owner, FairyTalez and QuotesCompanion